Best Hacked Website Recovery Zimbabwe 2024

We offer the best-hacked website recovery service in Zimbabwe. If your website got hacked and you lost the ranking of many keywords and phrases because of that, you have come to the right place. 

A hacked website can affect your business reputation especially if you process customer payments on the website. Also, it might seem to your potential clients that you do not take your business security seriously. 

If your HTML website or WordPress website has been hacked, no need to press the panic button, if you are reading this website page you are in the right place and on the right course. We will get your website back online in no time! The hacker may have hijacked your pages and implemented Cross-site scripting (XSS) into your pages.

Hacked Website Recovery Harare Zimbabwe

Hacked Website Recovery: Harare, Zimbabwe


There is a lot of technological advancement in our age. That means a lot of e-commerce websites are being created and most people are now finding convenience in shopping online. Unfortunately, with technological advancement come data crime, hacking, and credit card fraud. Intruders will steal private and sensitive information from your website. Therefore, it’s important that you ensure your website is safe and secure in Zimbabwe. In fact, you should implement web security processes.

We are experts in the following:

Our experts are familiar with the methods used by hackers to abuse businesses’ information and data.

Our services are listed below.

Top Hacked Website Recovery Harare

Securing Website from Hackers

If you’re worried about the reputation of your business, we will provide you with a quick and quality fix in Zimbabwe. We will diagnose the problem and have it fixed within 48 hours. We will make sure that we get you back your website online with lost URLs. Furthermore, if you need to rank your keyword, well make it happen.

Fixing Hacked Websites and Malware Removal Processes

    • Repair Google blacklist (for SEO)
    • Repair redirecting pages to other sites
    • Repair phishing notice
    • Repair malware notification from Google (red screen)
    • Scan and remove all malware or malicious codes

Hacked Site Security Fixes

    • User Accounts Security
    • User Registration Security
    • Database Security
    • User Login Security
    • Blacklist Functionality
    • Firewall Functionality
    • File System Security
    • Comment SPAM Security
    • Front-end Text Copy Protection
    • Brute force login attack prevention
    • SSL installation (If you have an SSL license) and optimization for SEO
    • Password protecting
    • robot.txt
    • Repairing Theme vulnerabilities including base64 code and invalid JavaScript
    • Rank your keyword or phrases

Our Requirement from You after Making the Payment

You will be required to brief us on what happened to your website. Next, you will be required to provide us with your FTP username and password, as well as your Cpanel username and password. If you like, you can give us your PHPMyAdmin access, although this is optional. Most importantly, we will need the main keyword that you need to rank in Google.


Can you help me get my hacked website back online in Zimbabwe?

Yes, we can clean your hacked website today! Why not give us a call at +263 71 495 7728  or email us to discuss your hacked website cleaning project whether you are in Harare or anywhere in Zimbabwe? Get a free no obligation estimate or contact us to discuss your exact requirements.


Get a Personalised Website Cleaning Quote

We appreciate that your business is unique in its own right. Therefore, speMEDIA will develop a personalized website cleaning plan and approach for you. Kindly fill out the form below and we will reply to you urgently with a custom pricing quotation. We are open from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm.


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