Top E-mail Hosting Zimbabwe 2024

E-mail Hosting Zimbabwe – We provide domain-based e-mail hosting services to help you increase your brand’s trust in Zimbabwe!
Electronic mail hosting plans help your business email accounts look professional and promote your brand before you decide on your website design for your business.
Our email server and hosted exchange enable you to host webmail emails for your business or custom email hosting services on your own custom domain and have a company email address in Zimbabwe.
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Our hosted emails come with a custom file storage to suit your hosted emails on our mail server giving you webmail access giving your private email, budget email, and custom email addresses from basic email plans to unlimited email accounts.
You have an option to easily upgrade your email hosting to include web hosting together with your email accounts on our email infrastructure.
For your hosted email service, you have the option to use Webmail, Microsoft Office’s Outlook, Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, and cloud email services as an email client for both your personal email and business email users.

Best Electronic Mail Hosting Packages in Zimbabwe

Find the best email hosting plans and choose the best hosting package for your business email address in Zimbabwe below.

All our email hosting comes with a professional email address, virus protection, anti-spam protection, malware protection, unlimited mail filters, dedicated servers, spam filters, email forwarding, and ad-free webmail as standard.


Now 70% OFF!
  • Free Domain .CO.ZW
  • Bandwidth Unlimited**
  • Sitebuilder 0
  • Disk Space 2 GB
  • Email Boxes 5
  • Languages PHP
  • MySQL database 1
  • CDN (Speed+Security) Optional Extra

Starting At $50 USD/year

Unlimited Plan

Now 70% OFF!
  • Free Domain .CO.ZW
  • Bandwidth Unlimited**
  • Sitebuilder Yes
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Email boxes Unlimited
  • Languages PHP
  • MySQL database Unlimited
  • CDN (Speed+Security) Optional Extra

Starting At $160 USD/year


Best Email Hosting Company in Harare, Zimbabwe


It’s Easy to Get Started with Professional Business Email Hosting with speMEDIA Harare

 All you have to do is follow the easy steps listed below and soon, you’ll have a domain-based email address in no time.

  1. Choose your e-mail hosting plan in Zimbabwe

    You must choose any one of the e-mail hosting options in Zimbabwe that we have and review your choice. You will have one of our email hosting experts explain everything to you so that you make an informed decision.

  2. Complete your purchase e-mail hosting

     As soon as you’re satisfied with your choice, make your payment either by Cash, ZIPIT, RTGS, Paypal, and or ECOCASH.

  3. Enjoy your electronic mail hosting

    We will then set up the email hosting service for you and get everything up and running. In no time, you’ll be sending and receiving emails.

E-mail Hosting Harare Zimbabwe

E-mail Hosting: Harare, Zimbabwe

E-mail Hosting Handcrafted Just for You!

It doesn’t really matter if you’re managing just a small group of people or running a small business, email hosting will provide you with the tools to succeed.
Every business person knows that the cornerstone of every successful business is communication. With speMEDIA Zimbabwe, you will definitely do it right! Send a message that shows that you really mean business!

The time to take advantage of the right set of productivity tools that will boost your business is now!

  1. 24/7 Live E-Mail Support

    You will never be alone on your road to success with speMEDIA. If you have any queries or questions, our team of professional customer support agents will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter where you are, you will get instant support.

  2. Multiple e-Mail Devices

    With speMEDIA e-mail hosting services, you will be able to access your email from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

  3. Social Media & e-Mail Integration

    Did you know that you can actually take your e-mail experience anywhere? Yes, you can integrate social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others. You can also sync your calendar and contacts across all your devices.

  4. Email Importer

    You can import your important emails from your old mailbox into your new one is a breeze!

  5. Mailing Lists

    Our service will allow you to create custom mailing lists that will help you hit the targets every time.

Get a Personalised E-mail Hosting Quote

We appreciate that your business is unique in its own right. Therefore, we will develop a personalised business e-mail hosting plan for you. Kindly fill the form below and we will reply to you urgently with a custom price quote. We are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.


What is the best email hosting for small business in Zimbabwe?

We recommend starting with our Starter package which gives you 5 e-mail boxes, 500MB and unlimited bandwidth.
You can always scale and upgrade your email hosting account as your business grows.

Can I upgrade my email hosting in Zimbabwe anytime?

Yes, you can upgrade your email hosting at any time.
You just have to pay for the remaining months on your 12 monthly billing cycle.

How long does it take to set-up my email hosting account?

If you have registered a domain name already we can set up your email hosting account within minutes. If you do not have a domain name registered already we will need to register the domain name, then set up your e-mail hosting account.

What do I need to set-up my email hosting account?

You need to have registered a domain name already, pay your yearly e-mail hosting fees, your current e-mail address and we set your email hosting up.  

Do I need to come to your offices to set up my email hosting account?

No, you do not need to be in Zimbabwe or to come physically to our offices to have your email hosting account set up. Simply give us a call on +263 776 263 360 or WhatsApp Usemail us or contact us and we will do the email hosting set-up for you.

What are your email hosting account payment options?

To setup accept your email hosting account we accept the following payment options:

  1. Ecocash
  2. ZIPIT (Bank Transfer)
  3. RTGS (Bank Transfer)
  4. Cash
  5. Paypal
  6. Wire Transfers: Mukuru, World Remit, Senditoo & Western Union.

Can you help me with getting fast e-mail hosting in Zimbabwe?

Yes, we can host your emails today! Why not give us a call on +263 71 495 7728  or email us to discuss your company’s e-mail hosting needs whether you are in Harare or anywhere in Zimbabwe. Get a free no-obligation estimate or contact us to discuss your exact requirements.