FaceApp is an application that was launched in 2014, but it took people a good 3 years to finally recognize it. That is why it was only in 2017 that many discovered the app. What caused this sudden recognition we have no idea, all we saw were people all over the web using and abusing the app.

FaceApp : Risks of using it in 2019

FaceApp: Risks of using it in 2019

What’s so Special about FaceApp?

One of the best features of the app is the ageing feature. It allows the user to create a face of their future them and it also reduces a few years for users as well. That was when we knew that the app had rocked the internet as we saw all our favourite celebrities look a whole lot older than they already were.

So, what are these so-called dangers on using FaceAPP?

Like any other man-made mobile applications, it will not be perfect. That is why it came with some dangers of using it. Even the best online casino applications have a few security features to make sure their users are safe. But with FaceApp this was not so. That being said, below, we shall look at some of the dangers associated with using the app.

Application Privacy issues

FaceApp like most mobile applications requires certain security measures. This would not be a danger but the problem is where does all the information go. And to add on to that, we are moving to an age where facial recognition will be next security feature.

Racism on the mobile application

FaceApp comes with a series of filters. Which was not the problem until people were using them to get lighter. And this sparked up a roar on the net as to why we had to be lighter to be considered beautiful or handsome.

The Changes

 Another danger was the level of transformation that came with using the app. For many, the changes didn’t sit well with them.


Nothing lasts forever that much we know. And that was another of the dangers that came with using FaceApp. This is as it was not clear what would happen when and if the company dissolved.

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