When it comes to choosing the right website and email hosting provider, finding the perfect balance between price and features is crucial. In this comparison, we’ll dive into the hosting packages offered by speMEDIA and WebDev in Zimbabwe, and uncover the superior value provided by speMEDIA. Let’s explore why speMEDIA stands out as the top choice for website and email hosting.

Unveiling the Best Website & Email Hosting in Zimbabwe speMEDIA vs. WebDev

Unveiling the Best Website & Email Hosting in Zimbabwe speMEDIA vs. WebDev

Price per Year

Unbeatable Savings with speMEDIA When it comes to affordability, speMEDIA takes the lead. While WebDev’s Hosting & Email Platinum Pro package costs $ 60 USD per month, speMEDIA’s Unlimited Plan offers an incredible value at just $13.33 USD per month. This translates to substantial savings, allowing you to invest your budget wisely.

Comprehensive Package Offerings

speMEDIA Has It All While both speMEDIA and WebDev offer a range of features, speMEDIA’s Unlimited Plan comes packed with everything you need for a successful online presence. With a free .co.zw domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and unlimited email boxes, speMEDIA ensures that your website and email requirements are met without any limitations. Additionally, both providers offer popular CMS options like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, as well as a wide range of free software applications.


FeaturesWebDev Hosting & Email Platinum ProspeMEDIA Unlimited Plan
Price per Year$160$720
Free DomainYes (.CO.ZW)Yes (.co.zw, 1st Year)
SSD SpaceUnlimited40 GB
Email AccountsUnlimited100
MySQL DatabasesUnlimited10
WordPress + TemplatesYes (270 Templates)Yes (270 Templates)
PHP, Joomla, DrupalYesYes
Free Software Apps400+400+
WooCommerce EcommerceYesYes
MySQL DatabaseUnlimitedUnlimited
CDN (3xSpeed+Security)Optional ExtraFree
P.S. Please note that the prices mentioned are based on the provided information and may not reflect current pricing. 

Enhanced Security and Performance

speMEDIA’s Extra Edge When it comes to website performance and security, speMEDIA goes the extra mile. Both providers offer free HTTPS/SSL and WooCommerce e-commerce capabilities, but speMEDIA also offers an optional CDN (Content Delivery Network) for three times the speed and added security. This ensures that your website loads quickly and remains protected, providing an optimal user experience.

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Conclusion: When comparing website and email hosting packages in Zimbabwe, speMEDIA emerges as the clear winner in terms of price per year and package offerings. With affordable pricing, unlimited features, and enhanced security, speMEDIA provides the ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking to establish a strong online presence. Don’t hesitate, to make the right choice and elevate your website and email hosting with speMEDIA today!

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1. What is the cost of WebDev’s Hosting & Email Platinum Pro package?

The cost of WebDev’s Hosting & Email Platinum Pro package is $60 USD per month.

2. Does WebDev & speMEDIA offer a free domain for the first year?

Yes, speMEDIA and WebDev offer a free .co.zw domain for the first year with their hosting package.

3. How much does speMEDIA’s Unlimited Plan cost?

speMEDIA’s Unlimited Plan costs $13.33 per month.

4. Does speMEDIA provide free HTTPS/SSL?

Yes, speMEDIA offers free HTTPS/SSL with their hosting package.

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