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Econet Wireless Zimbabwe introduced ‘Smart US Dollar Bundles’ yesterday, allowing consumers to purchase airtime, broadband, and SMS goods in US dollars. This move is greatly welcome by website design and other data-intensive companies.

According to the firm, the initiative, which was approved by appropriate regulatory bodies, would provide ease for its consumers while also allowing Econet to generate much-needed foreign cash to reinvest in its network and improve the customer experience.

Using US Dollars to buy Econet Smart USD Bundles

Millions of consumers with US dollar free funds are likely to benefit from the shift, as they may now use them to purchase airtime, data, and other telecom products without first converting their money into local currency.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide our consumers with the convenience and flexibility of purchasing our items in whichever currency they have available,” said Fungai Mandiveyi, the company’s Media and Corporate Communications Executive.

Customers will now be able to purchase the Econet smart bundles in amounts ranging from US$0.50 to US$10.


Where to buy Econet USD Recharge Cards 

“Customers will be able to purchase the bundles using their EcoCash FCA wallet, by purchasing physical recharge cards from airtime vendors and chosen merchants, or by purchasing recharge till slips (vouchers) from Econet stores, OK and TM Pick n Pay supermarkets across the nation,” he added.

Mandiveyi stated that the firm was launching a big marketing effort today (Thursday 07 April 2022) to assist boost knowledge of the new airtime purchasing option among its customers and the broader public.

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator, was the first to offer 5G in the nation.


Econet Shops in Zimbabwe by region and shop name


Shop Name


Shop Name

Harare Msasa, Econet House,Econet Joina City,
Livingstone, Borrowdale, Econet Graniteside
Harare Airport, Avondale, Chisipite
Hebert Chitepo
Bulawayo and Matabeleland Beitbridge Main shop, Bulawayo Main shop,
Beitbridge Mini Shop, Joshua Nkomo Airport Shop, Bambanani shop,
Victoria Falls Airport Shop
Midlands Econet Gweru Main, Econet Megawatt Shop Gweru,
Econet Zvishavane, Econet Kwekwe,
Econet Gokwe
Mashonaland East and Chitungwiza Econet Makoni Main Chitungwiza, Makoni Mini Shop Chitungwiza,
St Marys Chitungwiza, Chitungwiza Town Centre,
Zengeza 2 Chitungwiza, Zengeza 3 Chitungwiza,
Econet Ruwa, Marondera Main,
Kotwa, Murewa Center,
Mutoko Center, Chivhu Shop
Manicaland Econet Norton, Econet Kadoma
Chinhoyi Town, Econet Karoi,
Chinhoyi Gadzema Mini Shop, Econet Bindura,
Econet Mt Darwin
Mashonaland West and Central Masvingo Main, Chiredzi Shop

How to recharge the Econet USD airtime

He went on to say that recharging the USD airtime was simple. “To replenish USD airtime, users enter *121#, the recharge key, and call.” Customers may convert their airtime to Smart USD Bundles by dialling *143# and being offered the option to convert their airtime to Smart USD bundles.”


Smart USD Bundles comparison table

Voice 30 Mins
30 Mins
Voice 60 Mins
60 Mins
Voice 320 Mins
320 Mins
WhatsApp 300MB
WhatsApp 900MB
WhatsApp 1650MB
Private Wifi 10GB
Combo (150MB data, 15 mins voice,15 SMS)


Price comparison of regional (SADC) data bundles

Econet's 'Smart USD Bundles'

‘Smart USD Bundles’


Econet’s bundles are reasonably priced, starting at $10 for 10GB. Both MTN and Vodacom in South Africa will charge R469 (US$32) for a one-time purchase of 10GB.

That is completely ludicrous. Using the RBZ’s auction rate, MTN and Vodacom’s 10GB bundle is priced similarly to Econet’s Zimdollar bundle.

Mascom, which was created by Masiyiwa and is based in Botswana, charges P149 (US$13) for 8.5GB. As a result, less GB for more money, implying that the data bundle is less expensive.

In Zambia, on the other hand, Airtel isn’t fooling around. ZMW100 ($US5.68) is the pricing of 10GB. That is an absurdly low price. Who wouldn’t be interested in paying 57 cents for a megabyte? 

This is perplexing. Despite the fact that South Africa, with its vast coastline, has a number of subsea cables landing, Zambia, a landlocked country, has had cheaper internet for at least the last few years. It makes you question how much being stranded increases internet costs.


What is Off-Peak Econet Smart USD Data?
Off-peak data is the portion of your  Smart USD Data bundle that you can only use between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. while the bundle is still active.
What is Peak Data?
Peak data will be available at any time during the bundle’s window duration.
How much data is available during Off Paek and Peak hours?
Only 8 GB of the 10 GB offered can be used during peak hours, with the remaining 2 GB available only during off-peak hours.
How do I buy USD Smart Data?
You can use your USD cash to purchase airtime or a bundle that will be directly applied to your account at an Econet store.
Where do we buy the USD airtime?
You can purchase USD airtime or bundles from Econet shops with your USD cash.
Is the 10USD 10GB deal just for Whatsapp or does it include all data?
All internet connections are covered by the USD data bundles.
Is the 5 USD 30 DAY 1.65 GB Whatsapp bundle?
Yes, it’s a monthly Whatsapp bundle.
How can I use my EcoCash to purchase Smart Bundles?
Please keep in mind that you can make this transaction with your EcoCash FCA wallet. The FCA wallet option, on the other hand, is undergoing an upgrade, which Econet will reveal once it is complete.
Is it possible to buy USD bundles with airtime in the diaspora?
Is it possible to buy USD bundles with airtime in the diaspora?
How many days are voice bundles valid for?
Smart USD Bundles Of Joy are valid for one, two, or seven days.
How do I request my USD Samrt data bundle balance?
Dial *143# and select option 8 to check your USD bundle balance.
Is it possible for someone to buy these bundles if I send them USD airtime via World Remit?
Is it possible for someone to buy these bundles if I send them USD airtime via World Remit?
Where can we get a 10GB Smart data bundle for $10 USD?
The $10 USD airtime can be purchased at any Econet store.

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