There are quite a number of Web development companies in Zimbabwe. This is can only tell you one thing. The competition in website development is very stiff. To come up with the list of web designers in Zimbabwe there is a certain factor that we looked into. These include; cost, SEO as well as the quality of content. Below are the top website development companies that are currently making waves in the web developing industry:

Top Website Development Project Design

Top Website Development Project Design

  • speMEDIA
  • Akoiweb Website
  • Harare Web Designers
  • WebDev Website
  • Netcom Zimbabwe Website
  • Web Studio Website
  • zimHost Web designers Website
  • Zimbabwe Web Design Website
  • C2 Digital Website
  • CEE Creative Zimbabwe

What Makes A Good and Professional Website in Harare, Zimbabwe

Ensuring web design as well as web development standard. The best practice is key to ensuring a very good web design [rejects that will generate real money for your organisation. The aforesaid web development companies did not reach where they are with mere luck. But following the right matrix in website development will surely lead you to the promised land. On that note, let’s take a quick look at what makes a good website.

Website Speed

There is nothing frustrating as loading a website that is slow on a search engine. However, fast loading website usually ranks higher on numerous search engines compare to the slower one that takes time to load.

According to Google, on a good internet connection, on the average website must take 15 seconds. And in most cases, almost half of the people will leave the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, it is very important to optimise web pages for fast loading. And this concept is very important when it comes to landing pages. However, the following makes a fast loading page that most search engine users crave for. Have a look:

  • Web optimized images such as vectors
  • Very Simple as well as minified JavaScript and CSS files served along with fast Content Delivery Network.
  • A vibrant web server.

Web Content and SEO

Blogs and articles should always be of high-quality content that audiences would love to read. In most cases, search engines always try to serve the best website content that most users will find relevant and informative at the same time answering their queries.

Producing a high-quality website content is absolutely a gamechanger. The beauty part is that it effortlessly does quite a number of things. On that note, search engines will rank you accordingly. This will automatically lead to audiences visiting your website and read your content. Above all, good website content is naturally optimized for SEO.

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