Zimbabwe Company Profile Design 2023

Bustop TV approached us (speMEDIA) for its Zimbabwe company profile design and website design in 2018.

We were faced with a task where we had to come up with a brand DNA for this project.

Brand DNA is simply defined as all the different components, tangible and intangible that are brought together to create a unique identity for a brand or business.

Bustop TV Zimbabwe Company Profile Design Considerations

In coming up with a unique brand DNA for Bustop TV we asked our design team a simple question: what makes the Bustop TV brand different from other video content creators?

We tried to ascertain how Bustop TV became the company they are today.

We know that most successful businesses are a realisation of an envisioned dream and a product of a great deal of passion and lots of hard work.

We looked at their early days and what were their qualities and values.

So we came up with a list of what differentiated Bustop TV from other local Zimbabwean video creation companies

  1. Bustop TV was founded and run by young people
  2. Youthful actors and or comedians
  3. Very innovative team
  4. Bustop TV had a class of touch of their own
  5. Had a unique client list amongst them: the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Nash Paints, JanJam, Gloria, SafAids, SEED-CO, Number 1 stores, etc
  6. Bustop TV actually had a physical office manned by a full-time admin team in Greater Avenues Area in Harare.

They gave us 2 weeks to come up with a graphics design concept, layout, and the final print-ready PDF file and we got to the task.

Zimbabwe Company Profile Design: The Results

Bustop TV was a pleasure to work with as they provided us with most of the graphic design elements needed to design the company profile mainly: high-resolution photos, icons, and logos.

One major setback was that they did not have content for their company profile. So we assembled a team of 2 content creators to write content for the company profile.

Profile Design Elements

Design elements are visual representations of a brand or company. Therefore, they must be consistent across the company’s structure and everything produced in its name or brand.

We did our best to stick to this design principle in designing Bustop TV’s company profile. Another factor we considered was the tone of voice used.

We used a tone of voice that gave a tangible sense of how Bustop TV represents itself to its clients and video consumers.

Graphic Design Guidelines

On the company profile design guidelines we decided a font family set to use, images and colours, as well as how we were going to show the company logo amongst other visual features to be used in the company profile.

We used sharp shapes to represent their technical skills, intricate texts to represent their touch of class, and simple visuals to give a sense of openness and we made it clear that our graphic design elements weren’t a coincidence, but a way to tell their prospective clients something.

We tried our best to try to explain their own tale in an inspiring but genuine way which allowed us to weave a brand DNA giving a glimpse of Bustop TV’s past, at the same time making it easier for their prospective clients to understand their core values and passions that made them what they are today and what they will be tomorrow.

Download BustopTV Company Profile Here

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