Top Quality Business Cards Design in Zimbabwe 2024

Business cards design for an Architecture Tsungayi Nyatsanza in Harare, Zimbabwe. A business card speaks a lot about what your business is, your business offering, and the level of your efforts toward marketing your products and services to your potential clients and or business partners.

The client wanted business cards they could print out to give out quick business information and to carry everywhere they went to increase their chances of creating business opportunities.

Considerations in creating the business card design

  1. Color is the biggest design asset of any business card design. The brighter the colour the better
  2. Paper texture, a textured business card can evoke multiple senses
  3. Business card shape, custom die-cuts for business cards allow you to have any card shape you desire.
  4. Card layout,  the card needs to be readable. The layout is achieved by coming up with a graphics design hierarchy.

Make your business cards design work for your business

After we had finished designing the business cards for the client we referred them to one of our business card printers in Harare and gave them the following tips:

  1. Never leave your office without some business cards
  2. If mailing, insert a business card into the envelope
  3. Etiquette, use the right business cards and manners. Before you give out your business cards, ask for one. Don’t just put the business card in your pocket, take some time to read it and make a discussion from it if there is something to talk about. Show interest in the person who gave you their business card.
  4. Be Kind. Make it a point to try and give out your business cards to a lot of people, including close family and friends. You never know who will refer business to you!
  5. Always ask for business referrals and give them at least 2 cards.
  6. Use promotions and offers on your business cards to promote your business.
  7. A slogan, brand your business cards with a catchy and memorable slogan. If you do not have a business slogan we can help you come up with one, usually for no extra charge!

We can help you with getting a business card design in Zimbabwe.

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Why are business cards important for my business?

Business cards serve as a representation of your business, showcasing your offerings and marketing efforts to potential clients and partners.

What considerations should I keep in mind when creating a business card design?

Key considerations include the use of vibrant colors, textured paper for a sensory experience, custom die-cut shapes, and a well-planned layout to ensure readability.

How can I make my business cards work effectively for my business?

Always carry business cards with you, insert them when mailing, use proper etiquette when exchanging cards, distribute them widely, ask for referrals, utilize promotions/offers, and consider branding with a memorable slogan.

Can you assist with business card design in Zimbabwe?

Absolutely! We specialize in business card design in Zimbabwe. Contact us at +263 71 495 7728 or email us to discuss your project and receive a free no-obligation estimate.

How can I get a personalized business card design quote?

Fill out the form provided, and we will promptly respond with a custom pricing quotation. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

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