Best Logo Redesign in Zimbabwe 2024

Logo Redesign – CleanServ headquartered in Sandton, Johannesburg South Africa trusted us with their logo redesign as they were looking to create a smooth and memorable brand DNA for the cleaning services in South Africa.

Think logo redesign differently  with speMEDIA

At speMEDIA, we don’t have expensive picture frames hung on our walls with our core values inscribed on them, but instead, our graphic design team internalises and lives them through our accomplished design and development projects.

This is one of the main reasons why CleanServ came to us for their logo redesign, to them this sounded like a design team that they wanted to work with.

CleanServ logo re-design requirements

  1. A logo that represented the company’s values
  2. A logo that conveyed important messages
  3. An up-to-date logo
  4. Modern design and trendy

5 questions our designers asked when considering the logo redesign

  1. Has the business changed or expanded?
  2. Did they have a new competition?
  3. Are they speaking to a new audience or prospective clients?
  4. Was their logo dated?
  5. Has CleanServ’s mission and brand values changed?

The logo re-design and thought process

Once the above questions were answered, we figured that CleanServ needed a logo refresh and we came up with more than one way to give their logo the required reboot so to say.

A logo refresh is a less dramatic graphic design approach, more of a makeover working mainly with the design elements already in use. So this is what we did in freshening up their logo, our designers made small changes to what CleanServ already had:

  •  Updated logo colours
  • Simplifying the logo look and feel
  • We retained the 4 blue stars
  • Modernised the logo typography

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