In challenging times, we often find ourselves hoping for a lucky break, a chance to improve our financial situation. Unfortunately, this desire can sometimes lead us to fall victim to scams that promise unrealistic returns. E-Creator is the latest entrant in this realm, claiming to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. However, a closer look reveals a criminal enterprise that you should stay away from.

E-Creator Unraveling the Scam Behind the Promise of Wealth

E-Creator Unraveling the Scam Behind the Promise of Wealth

Too Long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR)

  • E-Creator runs a business posting fake reviews on e-commerce sites.
  • Posting fake reviews is unethical and illegal in many countries.
  • E-Creator promises unrealistic returns for members who post 10 fake reviews a day.
  • Members are required to deposit money and maintain a balance to receive promised commissions.
  • E-Creator is not licensed to take deposits, making their activities illegal.
  • Save yourself from this scam by staying away from E-Creator.

E-Creator, the Company

While E-Creator has made efforts to appear legitimate, several red flags raise doubts about its credibility. Legitimate companies are typically registered with government agencies, have a physical address and phone number, and are transparent about their owners and executives. E-Creator falls short in some of these areas, such as misspelling their own name in the website URL and lacking a phone number on their website. Despite registering as a limited liability company in Zimbabwe, the connections to a Nigerian company, Amita E-commerce, and the unrealistic promises of wealth cast further doubt on E-Creator’s legitimacy.

What does E-Creator do?

E-Creator claims to engage in “Global internet operations, promotion, and retail services.” However, their main activity revolves around posting fake reviews on e-commerce platforms. While some sellers pay people to provide favorable reviews, E-Creator takes this unethical practice to another level by recruiting an army of individuals to post fake reviews for various e-commerce sites. This activity is not only unethical but also illegal in many countries, constituting fraud and deceptive marketing.

Where E-Creator makes money

To join E-Creator’s fake review army, members are required to deposit money. The purpose of these deposits remains unclear, and even the office manager of E-Creator failed to provide a satisfactory answer. Members are promised commissions based on their deposit amounts and the number of recruits they bring in. However, this entire structure resembles a classic pyramid and Ponzi scheme, where new recruits’ money is used to pay out previous members. E-Creator’s financial practices are highly questionable, and there is no assurance that deposited funds will be used legitimately or that members will receive their promised returns.

Why E-Creator is a scam

E-Creator’s activities not only violate laws related to deceptive marketing but also contravene financial regulations. In Zimbabwe, the Consumer Protection Act prohibits businesses from engaging in misleading marketing practices, while accepting deposits without the necessary licenses is illegal. E-Creator’s lack of transparency and questionable financial practices confirm their status as a scam and a criminal enterprise.


E-Creator’s promises of wealth through fake product reviews are nothing more than a fraudulent scheme. By participating in their activities, individuals not only risk financial loss but also potential legal consequences. It is essential to stay away from E-Creator and warn others about this scam. Let’s work together to protect ourselves and our communities from these predatory business


What is E-Creator?

E-Creator is a company that claims to help people make money by posting fake product reviews on e-commerce sites. However, E-Creator is a scam. They do not actually provide any services, and they simply take people’s money.

How does E-Creator work?

E-Creator recruits people to post fake product reviews on e-commerce sites. They promise these people that they will make a lot of money by doing this. However, the only way to make money with E-Creator is to recruit more people. This is a classic pyramid scheme, and it is illegal.

What are the red flags that E-Creator is a scam?

There are several red flags that E-Creator is a scam. These include:

  • They make unrealistic promises of wealth.
  • They require people to deposit money to participate.
  • They do not have a physical address or phone number.
  • They are not transparent about their ownership or financial practices.

What should I do if I have been scammed by E-Creator?

There are several things you can do to protect yourself from E-Creator and other scams. These include:

  • Be skeptical of any opportunity that promises easy money.
  • Do not pay money to participate in any opportunity.
  • Do your research before investing in any opportunity.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the authorities.