FaceApp, despite being released sometime last year. FaceApp has recently made some massive trends on the internet.  The application has caught the internet by storm with people having chances to witness the younger and the older version of them look like.

FACEAPP A Massive Threat to Cybersecurity

FACEAPP A Massive Threat to Cybersecurity

FaceApp simply uses the pictures from your phone and within a few minutes, you will be experiencing the fun that comes with the application. It is not the ordinary persons who are being amused by this app. But celebrities all over the world have also joined the FaceApp campaign.

“FACEAPP A Privacy Threat” – Cybersecurity Security Expert

David Shipley a Cybersecurity expert has issued a warning to FaceApp users. He highlighted that these fun applications can come with a lot of consequences and they pose a real security threat to individuals. Shipley lamented that as much as these applications can be available for free the real value or the profits are the few details you provide upon downloading FaceApp.

David in his statement said that a single picture of you can cause a lot of damage and it can be used to unlock your personal details on your mobile phone.

“It can be used to identify you and unlock things like your smartphone or other things and you want to make sure you protect your identity.”

Shipley even went on further to say that some online hackers will go to a level that they will end up hacking your personal information using FaceApp.

“We have seen hacks in the last two years of Android phones that use facial ID, that if someone can get enough of photos of your face and actually 3D print a head and unlock your phone. He went on to say that the best way to ensure your data is to check the user agreement before downloading these kinds of applications.

The Cybersecurity expert also warns other notorious activities hackers can do and that includes selling your search history and your location to other companies for real money.

“A lot of companies trade data, almost like trading baseball cards like kids and because they can sell it they didn’t violate the spirit or terms of your agreement, but it certainly wasn’t what a lot of people thought  was going to happen with their data.”

Above all, issues like this can cause a lot of serious damages in the future and people need to be well informed of the consequences. David Shipley has issued a serious warning regarding this matter and mobile users need to be aware of the problems that can be caused by mobile applications.

“People’s photos being used to create fake social media profiles that look more real and authentic or to make a copy of your very own social media profile to then target your friends and family with a variety of different scam ideas and attacks.”

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